[e2e] Re: [ippm] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Bradley J. Passwaters bjp at Glue.umd.edu
Fri Oct 4 07:55:44 PDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Robert Raszuk wrote:

> He he he - I am not effected by this at all, I just try to make sure
> that the information on the public lists are correct :). 

If your goal is actually to help insure the list have correct
information allow me to offer some advice:

> It is quite known that university professors are pretty much out of
> touch with real networks and reality. To help you overcome this I guess
> we need to step back to MPLS 101 with you and find out what "MPLS"
> really means.

Gratituious attacks on random groups of people followed by patronizing
them aren't usually a help.

>Only a very few IP purists who get high blood pressure when one next to
>them says MPLS don't use it and that is also absolutely fine.

Claiming that anyone who doesn't use a protocol is merely doing so because
they are a purist is not likely to give the impression that you are a
level headed reasonable person just out to contribute.

>MPLS was never intended to boost network performance but to offer a new
>paradigm for various applications which benefit from not pure
>traditional dst based lookup at each hop.

I believe that this statement is incorrect.  If you look at the history
of MPLS and its precursors you will see that improved performance of the 
the devices that run the network and hence the network itself was a goal.
I think what you want to say is that while that might have been a goal
at one time it is not the primary goal especially in the current

>Let me ask you a basic question - why would anyone run TDP
>& LDP only in partion of his network ? That is one of few MPLS
>forwarding mechanisms used very widely today across multiple world scale

I think you are asking this because of Kav Salamatian's "full MPLS large
network" remark right?  I took his remark to not mean full in the sense of
deployed everywhere in the network but in terms of taking advantage of
most/all of the features that MPLS offers.  

As always YMMV

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