[e2e] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Dmitri Krioukov dima at krioukov.net
Fri Oct 4 15:20:16 PDT 2002

Some providers may not scream ever.
They just silently disappear -- that's
how the chain reaction ends :)

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> Ping,
> -> As for more WG's in standard bodies, well... I prefer the 
> -> running code 
> -> approach first. If the providers want to have a standard way 
> -> of managing their networks, they will scream. Otherwise, let 
>   Again, the issue is not about managing networks. But helping
>   us out in the transition phase. Once the transition is done,
>   then managing will be easy.
>   IF we think that what we developed is a beneficial technology 
>   THEN, undoubtedly, we are the best guys to educated/describe
>   about transition plans also.
>   Better don't wait till providers scream. Providers may not
>   scream till customers scream...where will this chain-reaction
>   ends?
> --
> Venkata.

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