[e2e] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Ping Pan pingpan at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 3 14:48:11 PDT 2002


Frankly, other than the fact that the carriers have no money, most of 
the operators seem to know what they are doing. I suspect that this 
economy may have changed their MPLS deployment approach. Instead of 
shipping MPLS everywhere quickly, they are turning toward to migrate 
their old equipment into the new MPLS infrastructure. Martini drafts are 
the perfect example of such....

Heck, what do I know? :-(

Take care!

- Ping

Naidu, Venkata wrote:
> Ping,
> -> As for more WG's in standard bodies, well... I prefer the 
> -> running code 
> -> approach first. If the providers want to have a standard way 
> -> of managing their networks, they will scream. Otherwise, let 
>   Again, the issue is not about managing networks. But helping
>   us out in the transition phase. Once the transition is done,
>   then managing will be easy.
>   IF we think that what we developed is a beneficial technology 
>   THEN, undoubtedly, we are the best guys to educated/describe
>   about transition plans also.
>   Better don't wait till providers scream. Providers may not
>   scream till customers scream...where will this chain-reaction
>   ends?
> --
> Venkata.

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