[e2e] some left-field ideas

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Oct 7 09:37:28 PDT 2002

  *> Jon,
  *> We actually have done some work based on field theory and network
  *> control. More specifically, we have designed and implemented (in ns)
  *> potential based routing algorithms (using scalar field theory) that are
  *> sensitive to heavily congested links. Our simulations are encouraging --
  *> they show significantly low latencies and jitter numbers and almost no
  *> packet losses when compared to the standard shortest path routing. We
  *> are in the process of writing up our results as a paper.
  *> If you would like to talk more, we can take this off the list. 
  *> -Anindya Basu
  *>  Sharad Ramanathan
  *>  Bell Labs

This sounds very interesting, and I look forward to seeing your work.
I have believed for some time that we are in urgent need of new ideas
in Internet routing.  [Note, however, before we go too far, that the
end2end research group does almost everything except routing ;-))]

Bob Braden

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