[e2e] Mixed ECN and Non-ECN traffic flows.

Vadim Antonov avg at kotovnik.com
Fri Oct 11 13:11:06 PDT 2002

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Christian Huitema wrote:

> This looks like a good thing to me. After all, we need some incentive
> for people to deploy ECN... As long as the ECN capable flows do not tend
> to actually exclude the non ECN flows, I believe that we are fine.

This is a kind of strange incentive - the end-points can get to even
better performance (in a network dominated by TCP) by being agressive and
ignoring congestion control whatsoever.

Since this didn't happen (yet?) it does not appear strongly attractive to
the actual users, their e2e performance being heavily dominated by
capacities of servers and tail circuits.


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