NAT usage at large companies (was: Re: [e2e] Number of persistent connections per HTTP server?)

John Heidemann johnh at ISI.EDU
Wed Oct 16 12:44:37 PDT 2002

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:12:56 PDT, John Heidemann wrote: 
>I would have assumed that organizations large enough to have large
>multiple, geographically distributed locations (i.e., more than just a
>few people dialing in) would use application-level gateways for most
>of their traffic (especially for web traffic). ...

One example I should have thought of is travelers with Internet access
at hotels, or casual users at kiosks, Kinkos, Starbucks, etc.
But what about mainstream businesses (places other than those whose
job it is to serve up casual internet to their customers).

   -John Heidemann

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