[e2e] IP options inserted in transit

Shivkumar Kalyanaraman shivkuma at ecse.rpi.edu
Thu Aug 7 09:02:23 PDT 2003


We have a paper in FDNA this time on explicit routing where we have
intermediate routers insert a hash or process/swap it. In our
implementations we leveraged the fact that the RFCs do not forbid this
function. I think this kind of flexibility is important for evolutionary
extensions to IP.

Here is the paper if you are interested:

Hema Tahilramani Kaur, Shiv Kalyanaraman, Andreas Weiss, Shifalika Kanwar,
Ayesha Gandhi, ``BANANAS: An Evolutionary Framework for Explicit and
Multipath Routing in the Internet,'' TO appear in SIGCOMM FDNA
Workshop, 2003.

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On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Craig Partridge wrote:

> Hi folks:
> I've been reading through some of the IP options text in RFCs 791 and 1122
> and I can't seem to find a definitive answer to the following question:
>     Can a router (or other intermediate device) add and remove IP options
>     from a datagram?
> In particular, if I define a new option -- say a datagram sequencing option
> that might allow me to put datagrams sent over different paths back in order --
> can a router that's splitting traffic over multiple channels put the option
> in, and then a router near the destination that is receiving from those
> multiple channels, take the option out?
> It appears to be legal, yet all the options text I've seen speaks in terms
> of a host putting the option in the IP datagram (including enough space
> for intermediate systems to place data in the option), so there's a
> disconnect here.
> Thanks!
> Craig
> E-mail: craig at aland.bbn.com or craig at bbn.com

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