[e2e] Traffic Management in real networks

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Mon Dec 15 02:52:26 PST 2003


Sorry for the corss posting of this message, I think
this relates to both forum.

 After reading those papers published on this topic ,
I found none of them mentioned about traffic
management method and policy used by ISPs like AT&T,
Sprint, BT or France Telecom. 

And, although there is TE methods proposed to optimize
OSPF link weight, multipath route, direct link
connection etc, it's not clear which one is invoked by
ISP in their network administration. So does those QoS
 mechanism, like DSCP, traffic policing. 

Is there any body could do me a favor to give any
inforamtion or any web site to get some information on
this topic? 

Thanks in advance.

Jing Shen

ZheJiang University

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