[e2e] Re: Traffic Management in real networks

Jennifer Rexford jrex at research.att.com
Mon Dec 15 07:40:50 PST 2003

> Is there any body could do me a favor to give any information
> on this topic

See papers at recent SIGCOMM, SIGMETRICS, and Internet Measurement
Conferences for papers on the techniques that Sprint and AT&T use
for traffic matrix estimation to drive their traffic engineering tools.
Also, the two papers

  "Traffic engineering with traditional IP routing protocols" 
  (from the October 2002 issue of IEEE Communication Magazine)

  "Guidelines for interdomain traffic engineering"
  (from the October 2003 issue of ACM Computer Communications Review)

give a view of how ISPs running OSPF/IS-IS and BGP tune the configuration 
of these routing protocols to control the flow of traffic in response to 
congestion and failure, and in preparation for planned maintenance.  See 
also the tools for intradomain traffic engineering described in

  http://www.cariden.com (Cariden MATE framework)
  http://www.opnet.com (OpNet SP Guru)
  http://www.research.att.com/~jrex/papers/ieeenet00.pdf (AT&T Netscope)

See also the papers on traffic engineering at


-- Jen

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