AW: [e2e] Queue size of routers

Sebastian Zimmermann S.Zimmermann at
Mon Jan 20 02:46:16 PST 2003

Am Sam, 2003-01-18 um 02.38 schrieb David P. Reed:
> The ideal state of the network is that every egress queue has between 0 and 
> 1 packets in it nearly all the time.   If queues start having 10 or 20 
> packets in them as a stable state, that's really bad.

Doesn't RED allow us to define a "target" buffer size that is larger
than 0?

For realtime traffic I agree, that is bad. But a queue naturally
oscillates around equilibrium. If the equilibrium is 0, there will be
naturally a underutilization of the following link.


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