[e2e] on the need for more research in core networking

George Michaelson ggm at apnic.net
Tue Jan 21 15:02:05 PST 2003

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 08:01:00 -0800 Joe Touch <touch at ISI.EDU> wrote:
> Although overlays began as a transition technology, it is becoming 
> clearer (at least within my project team) that they are part of a more 
> general extensions of the Internet architecture.
> Joe

I entirely agree. I think the slide from the network 'stack' to
'stackable networks' introduces a very nice abstraction, that you can soft
reconfigure any (apparent) n-way end-to-end configuration on top of any
other, for some cost in packet overhead, delay, etc.

Does it introduce much complexity in a router to hold two or more models of
network routing? is this the kind of thing virtual routers inside one crate
might address?

Actually, I think that might also point to the geographic
addressing model as having some usefulness as well: if we explicitly expect to
have to do layered networking, then we might as well make the underlying
address topology follow the beaurocracy. Another unpopular proposal for IPv6
dropped by the wayside...



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