[e2e] on the need for more research in core networking

Ibrahim Matta matta at cs.bu.edu
Wed Jan 29 13:40:14 PST 2003

Sally Floyd wrote:
> Spencer -
> >Did anyone at the meeting pipe up about the intersection of congestion
> >and transmission errors as a "research in transport" topic?

We discuss some of these issues in

Vassilis Tsaoussidis and Ibrahim Matta. 
Open Issues on TCP for Mobile Computing. 
Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing -- 
Special Issue on Reliable Transport Protocols for Mobile Computing, 
2(1), February 2002.



> Well, I did have bullets in my viewgraphs on
> "More fine-grained feedback from routers?"
> and
> "New forms of communication between layers?",
> both of which relate to that question.
> But I don't remember it being discussed more specifically than that...
> - Sally

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