[e2e] TCP Fragmentation

Janardhan Iyengar iyengar at mail.eecis.udel.edu
Fri Jan 31 15:22:59 PST 2003


According to "Beyond Folklore: Observations on Fragmented Traffic" by
Shannon, Moore and Claffy (from ToN, December 2002):

"While majority of the fragmented trafficis UDP [..], ICMP, IPSEC, TCP and
tunneled traffic are commonly fragmented as well."

Although that doesn't answer your question per se, these results show that
there are TCP stacks which allow fragmenting.


On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, John Border wrote:

>     Is anyone aware of a TCP stack in use in the "real world" which does not
> set the "don't fragment" bit in the IP header?
> John

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