[e2e] number of concurrent TCP flows on Internet backbone

stanislav shalunov shalunov at internet2.edu
Thu Jul 3 19:55:16 PDT 2003

Yunhong Gu <ygu1 at cs.uic.edu> writes:

> Can anyone point me to some realistic data on how many concurrent
> flows are there on a typical Internet backbone?

We collect and process NetFlow data for the Abilene network
(Internet2's 10Gb/s backbone) at http://netflow.internet2.edu/weekly/

While I cannot tell you directly how many concurrent TCP connections
Abilene carries on average, I can say that the number of bulk flows
(defined for our purposes as those that end up transferring 10MB of
data or more) is, on average, roughly 400.  Naturally, it varies with
week, see http://netflow.internet2.edu/weekly/longit/concurrency.png
for a plot.

Stanislav Shalunov		http://www.internet2.edu/~shalunov/

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