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Long, Darren darren.long at uk.thalesgroup.com
Thu Jul 10 03:35:21 PDT 2003


Having posed the question:

	In comp.protocols.tcp-ip you write:

	>Does anyone know of a good FAQ relating to NETBLT or any other
	>NETBLT related resources?

Craig Partridge suggested:

	Drop a note to end2end-interest at postel.org (the End2End Interest
	Many of NETBLT's designers/implementer are on the list.

I'm currently investigating the interactive exploitation of JPEG-2000
compressed imagery over narrow band tactical radio links, i.e. semi-duplex,
16kbps, using the JPIP protocol.  I've got my eye on the TACO2 protocol,
(MIL-STD-2045-44500) which uses NETBLT.

I've been quite frustrated in my efforts to find any implementation
guidance, FAQs etc regarding NETBLT, and find that there are certain
ambiguities inherent in RFC998.

Can anyone provide me with a FAQ, guide or other supporting documentation.
I've looked at RFC 1986 (ETFTP).

Alternatively, if anyone is willing to correspond regarding specific
questions, that would also be of help.


Darren Long

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