[e2e] evolution of bandwidth as a term

John Day day at std.com
Thu Oct 2 15:47:53 PDT 2003

At 15:15 -0700 10/2/03, Cannara wrote:
>Precisely, John.  Furthermore, Sam Clemens (Twain's real, non-marketed
>identifier) also had little good to say about the equivalent of marketing in
>those days.  More recently "bandwidth" has been misappropriated to serve
>marketing purposes, because it sounded more expert, more sexy (to those
>ignorant of scientific purpose) -- in other words, made more $.  So, the
>question really boils down to academics buying into being servants of
>marketing, or just saying no.  :]
>For myself, I continue to fail any student who doesn't learn to distinguish
>"bandwidth" from 'bandwidth' and to do so in every oral/written opportunity,
>which is my response to the sillyness of: "...how the meaning is currently
>communicated".  {:o]



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