[e2e] evolution of bandwidth as a term

James P.G. Sterbenz jpgs at acm.org
Fri Oct 3 03:42:53 PDT 2003

At 08:02 PM 10/2/2003 -0700, Joe Touch  wrote:

>Just in case the notion of context is lost, this is the end2end-interest 
>list, where bandwidth isn't liable to be interpreted as frequency deltas. 
>Here are a few other terms with similar levels of confusion elsewhere, but 
>which appear to have commonly-accepted definitions on this list:

>         transport       on this list means an end-to-end
>                         protocol adding value beyond endpoint
>                         delivery,
>                         rather than what ATP helps electrons do,
>                         or what glass does with photons

And, in particular, there are a *lot* of folk to which transport is layer
2 or 3 (OTN = optical transport network); I'm currently working on something
where I have to be very carful every time I use the word transport because
sometimes it is end-to-end (L4), sometimes edge-to-edge (L3), and sometimes
a lightpath (L2, sort of).

>         link            on this list means a physical connection
>                         between one or more hosts or routers,

And in the same context a link between IP routers (switched lightpath) is not
necessarily the same as a glass fiber link between photonic cross-connects.


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