[e2e] We do need anti-spam mechanism for e2e

Henning Schulzrinne hgs at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Jan 7 05:24:53 PST 2004

If you remove the pointless money shuffling, this is just another 
version of member-only posting. We could have this today, but it's 
apparently too complicated compared to balancing e-cash, deciding who 
can claim what deposit, dealing with members that come and go, and 
issues of taxation :-)

Jon Crowcroft wrote:

> um, no - it doesnt cost you 22.57$ 
> what happens with a payment scheme is that we all put some real money in
> escrow  and we get some e-cash
> we use the e-cash to pay for sending to e2e, BUT remember who gets the
> e-cash? the members of the list do. so all members who participate get
> tokens (ecash) but unsolicted mail from outside gets a REAL bill. as we
> accrue real money, we can use it to put in escrow instead of our own
> money. after a while we start to profit from the spam, and we stop
> complaining all the time.
> end of problem.
> In missive < at mira-sjc5-b.cisco.com >, Fred Baker
>  typed:
>  >>At 10:04 AM 12/28/2003, Joe Touch wrote:
>  >>>There are currently 2257 email addresses subscribed
>  >>
>  >>So, sending an email to this list (such as this email) in a world where 
>  >>each email costs $0.01 costs me $22.57. Sounds like a pretty good way to 
>  >>force anyone who isn't actually doing to send email to the list under 
>  >>normal circumstances to not send under any.
>  >>
>  >>Is a micropayment a good thing for a discussion forum? 
>  >>
>  cheers
>    jon

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