[e2e] We do need anti-spam mechanism for e2e

Charlie Younghusband cwy at xiphos.ca
Wed Jan 7 07:05:05 PST 2004

The mild convenience cost of figuring out what email account one should post
from and having to subscribe to participate is so much easier the list
admins baffle me.  This list is more of an irresponsible mass spam exploder:
4,514 this morning from 2 random spams --  maximizing the reward payoff for
spammers.  I forgot, you also think that local exploders are common (based
on the FAQ and a key reason for not being member only) so the number is even
higher.  Count one 'unsubscribe' who isn't updating email addresses.


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If you remove the pointless money shuffling, this is just another
version of member-only posting. We could have this today, but it's
apparently too complicated compared to balancing e-cash, deciding who
can claim what deposit, dealing with members that come and go, and
issues of taxation :-)

Jon Crowcroft wrote:

> um, no - it doesnt cost you 22.57$
> what happens with a payment scheme is that we all put some real money in
> escrow  and we get some e-cash
> we use the e-cash to pay for sending to e2e, BUT remember who gets the
> e-cash? the members of the list do. so all members who participate get
> tokens (ecash) but unsolicted mail from outside gets a REAL bill. as we
> accrue real money, we can use it to put in escrow instead of our own
> money. after a while we start to profit from the spam, and we stop
> complaining all the time.
> end of problem.
> In missive < at mira-sjc5-b.cisco.com >,
Fred Baker
>  typed:
>  >>At 10:04 AM 12/28/2003, Joe Touch wrote:
>  >>>There are currently 2257 email addresses subscribed
>  >>
>  >>So, sending an email to this list (such as this email) in a world where
>  >>each email costs $0.01 costs me $22.57. Sounds like a pretty good way
>  >>force anyone who isn't actually doing to send email to the list under
>  >>normal circumstances to not send under any.
>  >>
>  >>Is a micropayment a good thing for a discussion forum?
>  >>
>  cheers
>    jon

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