[e2e] You are missing the point

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jan 9 04:59:51 PST 2004

funnily enough, a LOT of us have filters, but use them to refile things rather than
delete, as we are interested in the efficiency of such filters as a research topic
in and of itself (e.g. %age false positives:-)

now about that Call for Papers...

In missive <3FFC4122.61539596 at attglobal.net>, Cannara typed:

 >>Hear, hear.  Now about that last Vi at gr@! ad...
 >>Matt Mathis wrote:
 >>> You are missing the point.
 >>> This list has no filters as a mechanism to discourage participation by people
 >>> who do not have the competency or resources to implement down stream
 >>> filtering.   Clearly theses people have nothing to contribute to our
 >>> understanding of end-to-end issues and should be punished for having the
 >>> audacity to think that they might be part of this elite community.
 >>> </sarcasm>
 >>> Thank you for your time and patience,
 >>> --MM--



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