[e2e] You are missing the point

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri Jan 9 11:13:13 PST 2004

Lloyd Wood wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Matt Mathis wrote:
>>This list has no filters as a mechanism to discourage participation by people
>>who do not have the competency or resources to implement down stream
> Actually, the end2end list does have filters; my postings have been
> held up for moderator approval every so often, at which points Joe and
> I butt heads.
> Read: http://www.postel.org/mail-faq.html#suspicious
> Frankly, I don't see the point of filtering out calls for papers but
> letting spam through. I'd rather have the CFPs, as they're
> tangentially interesting, provided they're attachment-free.

On these points, please read the FAQ.

To summarize, there are filters. They're not intended to substitute for 
local filters, which are included e.g., in Netscape and Explorer, for 
the uninitiated. CFPs/job postings/etc are filtered due to the list 
policy on such posts.

> (I also think Mailman complaining 'suspicious header' back to the
> sender as a result of filtering and a header that was added for
> Mailman's own use is poor UI design and lousy verbal communication
> intended only for knowledgeable administrators familiar with Mailman,
> and not for endusers subscribed to the list.)

Agreed. Please let those maintaining Mailman know so they can fix it.

And, as Bob said, please take this discussion off-line or to a 
spam-focused mailing list.


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