[e2e] Enough!

Andrew Warfield andrew.warfield at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 15 12:29:53 PST 2004

I the interests of ending the perpetual spam discussion, might it be
possible to set up a sister-list, say e2e-m, which is a moderated version of

This would seem to allow a compromise in which spam, and meta-spam could be
avoided to whatever degree people are comfortable with.  e2e-m could accept
only posts from the e2e listserve, and pass all subscriber posts back up to
the parent list.  The sublist would be higher-latency (due to the moderator
problem), but satisfy the needs of those who are willing to take the delay.

Unless I am missing something obvious as to why this would be a bad idea
(wouldn't be the first time), it would seem all that is needed is a
volunteer to moderate (or comparable cunning moderating solution). ;)


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> Folks, please take a quick look at this mailing list's archive:
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> January/thread.html>
> Is this really how we want this mailing list to be remembered?
> Of the dozens of mailing lists to which I'm subscribed, this is the *only*
> list that allows non-subscribers to post with impunity.  And it's the only
> list on which I receive any significant spam.
> To whoever runs this list: I'm tired of the lame excuses.  Don't try to
> deny it - you know what needs to be done.  Now, just do it - please!
> 	Ross.

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