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=?gb2312?q?Jing=20Shen?= jshen_cad at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Jan 15 17:46:31 PST 2004

I read the policy stated on FAQ  as well as message on
anti-spam for this list. 

Maybe the decision is a tradeoff between "profile" and

If the list is set up only for those subscribers, the
"cost"  is:

1. maybe we will lose those valuable words posted by
people unsubscribed. In deed, this is the most
important for us, not only for something new but also
encourage more people to work with networking

compasation: to echo back a message responding to post
from un-subscribers to tell them the reason and  steps
they need to follow. As their is achive for the list,
people could make decision after reading achivement. 

1. We could focus on what we are interested
2. the resource for this list will be utilized more
3. the achivement could be more valuable as spam
message is blocked
4. The spam generator could be identified easily and
taken into blacklist

The "cost" for open mailing list:
1. resource for this list is wasted
2. we have to spend time with and even irriated with
rubish message, when the list is full of such message
I'm sure people will leave
3. If newcomer starts with achivement browsing, he/she
will noticed that this is a SPAM list, so it's not a
list valuable enough to subscribe or to post

The "profile" for open list:

1. people could 'catch' anything posted if they have
enough time and patiency

2. there will be 'fertile' achivement and it's a good
place to advertise

My conclusion:  although a subscriber-only could not
guarantee a no-spam list, I prefer it. 

--- "Grun, Paul" <paul.grun at intel.com> µÄÕýÎÄ£º> I
have a better idea.  Why not set up a sister-list,
> say e2e-spam solely for the purpose of discussing
> whether or not we should address the issue of spam
> on e-2-e?
> Paul Grun
> Principal Engineer
> Enterprise I/O Architecture and Initiatives
> Enterprise Platform Group
> Intel Corporation

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