[e2e] Enough!

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Thu Jan 15 23:31:43 PST 2004

Sam Manthorpe wrote:

> Seems to me that most of the spam that appears on this list
> comes from the same source (all mails use the exact same hit-dilution
> technique and advertise the same set of products (the anti-spam
> one was amusing)).  Also, since I made the mistake of posting to this
> list, I get spam in duplicate, one to e2e, one to me personally:
> IE: *the spammer is subscribed to e2e* (list administrator, please note).

Source email addresses are not an accurate indicator of the source, per 
se. Spammers scan the list archives for source addresses, and use them 
to post from (which, FWIW, won't help, even if we close the list).

If anyone notices a post made under their name, please do let me know.


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