[e2e] Open the floodgate

Cannara cannara at attglobal.net
Wed May 5 09:52:23 PDT 2004

Right Mark, it's the time delay in getting it addressed that's the point --
for most of the issues, in fact.  It never was rocket science.


Mark Allman wrote:
> I am way behind on this thread, so sorry for the late reply.  But, I
> wanted to note one thing ...
> > ...but politics seems in control.  So, we're left with something
> > called TCP which attempts network-layer congestion amelioration
> > without any info from that layer.  Note, for instance, that a TCP
> > sender can't even tell if it timed out and retransmitted too quickly,
> > even when it gets 2 ACKs for the same data from the receiver -- a loss
> > is still counted.
> Actually, determining whether an RTO (or fast retransmit) is spurious or
> not and reacting more appropriately has been tackled by folks in the
> research and standards communities over the last few years.  See the
> DSACK RFC, the Eifel papers/RFCs, the F-RTO papers/internet-drafts,
> etc.  I know we should have done this a very long time ago, but those of
> us with skin in the game understand that it takes more effort to do than
> to critique.
> allman
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