[e2e]where can i find an ip or host address list?

Ping Pan pingpan at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Nov 4 15:28:40 PST 2004

A few years ago, Vern Paxson had a setup to collect packet traces from
different parts of the Internet. From which, he had derived a number of
pathological behaviors about the network (check Sigcomm from 6-7 years ago).
It would be very useful to see the some results from traces collected from
more sample points in today's network. (Or maybe I should check Sigcomm
Measurement Workshop papers before I speak ;-))
However, what you proposed below seems to be ethic-challenged. ;-)
- Ping

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Subject: [e2e]where can i find an ip or host address list?

Now I'm doing an experiment which needs to probe 100000 more or less hosts
in the Internet via ICMP and TCP with slight loads. The goal of this
experiment is to find the difference between ICMP and TCP when they are used
to probe host connectivity.May be I can randomly generate the amount of IP
address I needed. But considering there are a great deal of unused IP
addresses in the IPv4 address space,the random approach may be less
efficient.One better way is to find a list with addresses or hosts name real
in use.
Does any one have such an IP address or hosts list? or can direct me where
can i get such a list?

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