[e2e] QBONE abandon QoS research ?

Jing Shen jshen_cad at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Nov 5 02:45:27 PST 2004


Maybe this is a OLD question but maybe it's valuable
to find out more on DiffServ+MPLS QoS.

To my knowledge, some new ISP establish QoS enabled
service around but some old ISP still overprovision
their backbone. QBONE could be the first testbed for
QoS across WAN. But, words on their homepage
(http://qbone.internet2.edu) seem to indicate they
give up QoS at all while they try to find something
like "less than best effort". 

My questions:

1. Is there any  summary report/paper on their
experience with DiffServ+MPLS based QoS? Have they
summarized the result of implementing WRED (or similar
technique) in QBONE?

2. How could QBONE be kept no congestion ? inside
China, the bandwidth needed increase so quick that
backbone BW or BW between ISPS need to  be negotiated
one or more times a year. It's really valuable to
differentiate service between users, but technique
like WRED seems not considering fair-treating between
users, and there is also question like e2e service
verification. Is there any work on this area?

3. Any paper on Congestion control inside a QoS tunnel



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