[e2e] E2E research visions

Dmitri Krioukov dima at krioukov.net
Wed Apr 13 14:38:58 PDT 2005

interesting text. few questions:

in section 6, do you want to say that
"local anti-scale" will somehow be a
solution to "global scale", or do you
simply want to attract our attention to
the former *in addition* to the latter?
in any case, you don't have a separate
section on global scalability: do you
think it's no longer an issue today and
it won't be one in the future?

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> Hi folks:
> At the most recent meeting of the End2End Research Group, the 
> group, along
> with some attendees, had a discussion of possible research 
> visions that
> could inspire innovative communications research over the next ten
> years or so.  Dave Clark and I, with help from several other 
> participants
> in the discussion, have written up the ideas from that 
> discussion and a copy
> is available on my website
>     http://www.ir.bbn.com/~craig/e2e-vision.pdf
> for anyone who is interested.
> Craig
> E-mail: craig at aland.bbn.com or craig at bbn.com

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