[e2e] YNT: A Question on the TCP handoff

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Tue Dec 6 14:56:48 PST 2005

Greg Skinner wrote:
> I'm not sure whether the issue was not known.  A question for the

At least, IIRC, it is not discussed. 

> internet history list, perhaps.
> I was looking for something else when I happened upon some old tcp-ip
> archives from the 1980s.  I found some early remarks from Van Jacobson
> on congestion in the 1986 archives.  I vaguely recall there was some

RFC 793 was in 1981, i.e. five years earlier :-)

But it would be interesting to know, when the discussion started.

If you are looking around in archives: During the last week I thought
about why we use ACK in TCP and not NAK. One obvious reason for ACK is
the ACK pacing mechanism. However: Has there ever been a discussion?


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