[e2e] Special Issue on LRD Traffic

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Thu Jun 2 10:22:33 PDT 2005

Dear e2e subscriber,

I'd like to call your attention for a recently published special issue
of the Computer Networks Journal which might be of interest for those
in traffic modeling.

Best regards,

nelson Fonseca

    	 	   	Computer Networks
 		 	Volume 48, Issue 3,  Pages 289-488 (21 June 2005)Long Range Dependent
Traffic Edited by M. Devetsikiotis, N.L.S. da Fonseca

 	1. 	Editorial board Page CO2
 	2. 	Modeling network traffic with long range dependence:
characterization, visualization and tools Pages 289-291 Michael
Devetsikiotis and Nelson L.S. da Fonseca
 	3. 	Multifractality in TCP/IP traffic: the case against Pages 293-313
Darryl Veitch, Nicolas Hohn and Patrice Abry
 	4. 	Small-time scaling behavior of Internet backbone traffic Pages
315-334 Vinay J. Ribeiro, Zhi-Li Zhang, Sue Moon and Christophe Diot
 	5. 	Network and user driven alpha-beta on–off source model for network
traffic Pages 335-350 Shriram Sarvotham, Rudolf Riedi and Richard
 	6. 	Envelope process and computation of the equivalent bandwidth of
multifractal flows Pages 351-375 Cesar A.V. Melo and Nelson L.S. da
 	7. 	Self-similarity and long range dependence on the internet: a second
look at the evidence, origins and implications Pages 377-399 Wei-Bo
Gong, Yong Liu, Vishal Misra and Don Towsley
 	8. 	Long-range dependence in a changing Internet traffic mix Pages
401-422 Cheolwoo Park, Félix Hernández-Campos, J.S. Marron and F.
Donelson Smith
 	9. 	On the wavelet spectrum diagnostic for Hurst parameter estimation in
the analysis of Internet traffic Pages 423-445 Stilian Stoev, Murad S.
Taqqu, Cheolwoo Park and J.S. Marron
 	10. 	Queueing analysis of network traffic: methodology and visualization
tools Pages 447-473 D.A. Rolls, G. Michailidis and F. Hernández-Campos
 	11. 	The notion of end-to-end capacity and its application to the
estimation of end-to-end network delays Pages 475-488 Han S. Kim and
Ness B. Shroff

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