[e2e] Corrected FTP over SCTP results

Paul D. Amer amer at cis.udel.edu
Tue Jun 7 09:59:17 PDT 2005

In the 23rd IEEE International Performance, Computing, and
Communications Conf (IPCCC 2004), Phoenix, 4/04,
Sourabh Ladha and I published the paper
``Improving multiple file transfers using SCTP multistreaming.''

Unbeknownst to us, in our experiments the SCTP end-points incorrectly
used Netbed's error-free, no-delay control connection for retransmissions
thereby biasing the results in favor of SCTP. (Multihoming was
taking place implicitly.)

We have corrected this error, and re-run the entire set of experiments.
The corrected results still show that SCTP with multistreaming and the
use of command pipelining can provide significant reductions in
the time to transfer multiple files, although less significant than
previously published.

The corrected results are available at

We sincerely regret our oversight.

Paul D. Amer
Sourabh Ladha

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