[e2e] packet reordering in OC 48 links

S.Govind sgovind at hpc.serc.iisc.ernet.in
Sun May 15 09:33:20 PDT 2005

hi all

I have currently programmed the intel IXP 2400 Network Processor for IPv4 
Iam able to support line rates up to 3 Gbps (without any QoS provisioning) 
but an area of concern is the reordering, i obtain reordering up to 33% 
(ie: 33 % packets are reordered )for a link with 4000 flows a second 
each TCP flow of size 6.4 KB and 14% reordering for flow size of 640 B.

The packets are assumed to be arriving at a constant interval of time and 
of constant size (64 B ), this assumption is used for DoS attacks.

I am novice in networking, i have a few queries regarding the above 

Are these numbers (reordering) indicative of current OC 48 links, 

Any comments and/or suggestions on the above  is most welcome

Thanking You,


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