[e2e] use of MAC addresses

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Thu Apr 13 11:09:23 PDT 2006

This is replacing one MAC identifier with another one.
You're recreating the construct (with some modest semantic variations).


In message <20060413175713.94669.qmail at web25412.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>, Puddinhead
 Wilson writes:

>The local attachment identifer when I am on a
>wireless, could be anything, including a name, and
>that could be "my identity, my cell number, my postal
>Another algorithm could be
>"my device sends my name/mobile number/Enum number to
>the base station or a freq designated for something
>like DHCP, the base station sends out sends out a
>response like : Number so and so:use this freq and
>this code" for yourself.
>I somehow feel making the "end point device identifier
>unique/my cell number/my name" is much easier than
>using a locally significant MAC. Finally people will
>want to talk to "me" on a number which is globally
>routable and if it identifies me on the network, might
>as well make it "me" for all transactions, to the BTS
>or to anyone else, not to my dynamic IP or my local
>of course IP would do the same thing. The IP would be
>local, but I wonder what would be "global" for me, an
>ENUM entry pointing back to my IP? or a CNAME record
>pointing back to my address?
>wilson.thatstreet.thatcity.country is now a
>CNAME localuser1234.thisbts.thiscity.thiscountry
>for fixed wireline, i guess the port identifer could
>be the postal address itself.
>Comments? (to afake id) ;)
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