[e2e] use of MAC addresses

Puddinhead Wilson puddinghead_wilson007 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 13 10:57:13 PDT 2006

The local attachment identifer when I am on a
wireless, could be anything, including a name, and
that could be "my identity, my cell number, my postal

Another algorithm could be
"my device sends my name/mobile number/Enum number to
the base station or a freq designated for something
like DHCP, the base station sends out sends out a
response like : Number so and so:use this freq and
this code" for yourself.

I somehow feel making the "end point device identifier
unique/my cell number/my name" is much easier than
using a locally significant MAC. Finally people will
want to talk to "me" on a number which is globally
routable and if it identifies me on the network, might
as well make it "me" for all transactions, to the BTS
or to anyone else, not to my dynamic IP or my local

of course IP would do the same thing. The IP would be
local, but I wonder what would be "global" for me, an
ENUM entry pointing back to my IP? or a CNAME record
pointing back to my address?
wilson.thatstreet.thatcity.country is now a
CNAME localuser1234.thisbts.thiscity.thiscountry

for fixed wireline, i guess the port identifer could
be the postal address itself.

Comments? (to afake id) ;)

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