[e2e] use of MAC addresses

John Day day at std.com
Tue Apr 18 10:56:47 PDT 2006

At 8:21 -0700 2006/04/18, Christian Huitema wrote:
>  > Saltzer says that a complete addressing architecture needs
>>  Application Names, Node Addresses, Point of Attachment Addresses and
>>  from all of this we get routes.  There is one refinement I would make
>>  to Saltzer which I think was overlooked because it hadn't occurred
>>  when he wrote the paper.  Salzter talks about the mappings of
>>  application names to node addresses, node addresses to point of
>>  attachment addresses and points of attachments to routes.
>Another refinement is the use of multiple hosts for a single
>application, e.g. load balancing across a farm of web servers. There is
>a need to independently name the application (e.g. the web page at
>www.example.com), and the application instance (something like
>www.host29.example.com). If you think in terms of DNS mapping to IP
>addresses, as we do today, the first name maps to the entire list of IP
>addresses of all the servers in the pool; the second name maps only to
>the IP addresses of the specific host handling a specific session. One
>may also need a name for the session itself, as it could in theory be
>"load balanced" between servers.

Yea, as I commented to David, this is what I would term a general 
form of anycast address or name.

i.e. the name of a set such that referencing the name returns a 
member of the set according to some rule.

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