[e2e] use of MAC addresses

John Day day at std.com
Thu Apr 20 06:08:10 PDT 2006

At 14:04 +0300 2006/04/20, <Mikael.Latvala at nokia.com> wrote:
>At least when looking at the public OUI listing
>(http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt) one could come to a
>conclusion that there is no need to start working on MACv2 in the near
>future. But then again this kind of a statement could be on par with
>"64KB should be enough" declaration.
>Has anybody seen a better estimate on the consumption of MAC addresses?

As far as addressing is concerned, you can't run out of MAC addresses 
because they only need to be unambiguous within the scope of the 
layer in which they are used, i.e. LAN segment.

Now MAC addresses as serial numbers is a different story.

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