[e2e] admission control vs congestion control

Alexandre Grojsgold algold at rnp.br
Sun Apr 23 04:21:10 PDT 2006

Fred Baker wrote:
> [...]

> I realize that this is not the dream we had 20 years ago. Oh, yes, I 
> realize that. On alternate Tuesdays, I have to at least nod at the 
> existence of the real world... Basically, the question is not whether 
> you would like the companies to be telcos. The question is how to 
> offer the services that people are in fact demanding that the Internet 
> provide to them.

I think that some care needs to be taken here. We know well that the 
internet (and telco, and TI) market is largely buzzword driven. From the 
customer point of view, and from the provider´s as well. People are 
often pushed to believe they need tnings that prove useless with time.

We should also not underestimate the  conservativeness of customers. I 
think that  much of  what is called  "user needs" is in fact no more 
than a  reaction of customers against  the new communication pradaigms 
the Internet propose them, a desesperate attempt to make the new tools 
behave the way they are used to.

An exemple: we see a lot of companies buying VPN when all they needed 
was N (network). Not totaly useless: at least the telcos make a lot of 
money selling people an "enhanhed quality" connection that, most of the 
time, if not all the time, will behave exectly as well as an ordinary 
Internet connection.

I am stiil a believer of the old dream. :-)

I  admit that there is a "real world", made of people that will not 
sleep well if they cannot see the circuits in what they sell and buy. 
This is not a real world to conform to. This a world to change.

-- Alexandre.
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