[e2e] admission control vs congestion control

Detlef Bosau detlef.bosau at web.de
Mon Apr 24 03:31:40 PDT 2006

Alexandre Grojsgold wrote:

> An exemple: we see a lot of companies buying VPN when all they needed 
> was N (network). Not totaly useless: at least the telcos make a lot of 
> money selling people an "enhanhed quality" connection that, most of 
> the time, if not all the time, will behave exectly as well as an 
> ordinary Internet connection.

In fact, the term VPN itself is a buzzword.

Nowadays, VPN means nothing else than an IPsec tunnel throughout the 
Internet which makes a node from outside a network behave and feel like 
a node inside a network.

Some years ago. I found the term VPN used for a number of FR connections 
offered by some telco in oder to establish a company network connecting 
different locations.

So, the term VPN is somewhat "polymorphic" :-)


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