[e2e] What if there were no well known numbers?

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Tue Aug 8 09:03:37 PDT 2006

David P. Reed wrote:
> Joe/Jon - "stop - you're both right!" (from an old TV commercial).
> Ultimately there are two essential parties to any message - the sender
> and the receiver - and a collection of unessential but helpful third
> parties (the network components that may help facilitate that
> communication).
> The sender and receiver make a JOINT decision to send and to accept the
> sending.   Neither comes first in any essential way.

Base case: neither sender nor receiver has decided to do anything.

Can you show how to proceed in a way where the receiver doesn't have to
make the decision to accept SOMETHING first, notably before the sender

Can you show how to proceed where the sender knows what the receiver is
willing to accept, notably without the receiver silently being willing
to accept incoming coordination messages?

Can you show how the receiver can indicate its willingness and
particular parameters that doesn't involve having the receiver send
_somebody_ a message?

In the absence of above, I'll presume that ALL communication initiates
as follows:

- receiver is open to attack
- sender initiates a message
- receiver decides whether to respond

I.e., fixed receiver, variable sender. All other variants presume this
as a coordination mechanism, and allow 'receiver initiation' only on
subordinate channels that are coordinated this way first.

If you have an alternate example - notably that starts with ZERO shared
knowledge (since that's how we bootstrap, and without that nothing
happens), it'd be _very_ useful to see.


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