[e2e] Internet Packet Loss Measurements?

Christian Vogt chvogt at tm.uka.de
Thu Aug 10 11:48:03 PDT 2006

Thanks a lot, Jasleen and Paddy,

these are excellent pointers.

Best regards,
- Christian

Christian Vogt, Institute of Telematics, Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH)

Jasleen Kaur wrote:
> Christian,
> We have recently developed a passive-analysis tool for estimating TCP
>  losses reliably. We've used this tool to study the traces of
> millions of recent TCP connections. Some of our observations have
> been published in the July issue of CCR. You can access the paper at:
> http://www.cs.unc.edu/~jasleen/papers/ccr06.pdf
> This paper can provide loss-rates only within "aggregates" of 
> connections. We have much more data than is presented here. Please
> let us know if you have a specific need.
> Thanks, Jasleen

Paddy Ganti wrote:
> Christian,
> I am not sure if this helps but here's a table of packet loss across
> the world using PingER. I find very useful to derive parameters when
> setting up experiments
> http://www-iepm.slac.stanford.edu/cgi-wrap/table.pl 
> <http://www-iepm.slac.stanford.edu/cgi-wrap/table.pl>
> -Paddy

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