[e2e] Internet Packet Loss Measurements?

Roman Chertov rchertov at purdue.edu
Fri Aug 11 09:05:52 PDT 2006

Christian Vogt wrote:
> Hello e2e folks,
> does anyone know about recent measurements on end-to-end packet loss in
> the Internet?

I came across this paper the other day which you might find useful.

M. Allman, W. Eddy, S. Ostermann. Estimating Loss Rates With TCP. ACM 
Performance Evaluation Review, 31(3), December 2003.
This paper introduces mechanisms for estimating the real loss rate of 
packets at the TCP sender with TCP Reno and with SACK option. Simply 
counting the number of retransmissions often gives wrong results because 
TCP senders do spurious retransmissions for various reasons. The paper 
identifies some of the reasons for unnecessary retransmissions.


> After some more or less unsuccessful searching, I'm wondering whether
> there is anything more current than, e.g., Vern Paxson's Ph.D. thesis.
> This thesis covers Internet packet loss quite extensively, but it dates
> back to 1997 (the measurements are actually from 1994/1995) and the
> Internet has evolved since then.  More recent work is kind of sparse...
> If someone could provide a pointer, I'd really appreciate that.
> Thanks a lot,
> - Christian

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