[e2e] Extracting No. of packets or bytes in a router buffer

Jon K Hellan jon.kare.hellan at uninett.no
Thu Dec 14 04:35:52 PST 2006

Craig Partridge wrote:
>           ifOutQLen OBJECT-TYPE
>               SYNTAX  Gauge
>               ACCESS  read-only
>               STATUS  mandatory
>               DESCRIPTION
>                       "The length of the output packet queue (in
>                       packets)." 
>               ::= { ifEntry 21 }
> If I remember correctly, we put it there in MIB-I.  Note this is per
> output interface.

The problem is scheduling of snmp polling in the router. It is not at 
all unlikely that the router will defer this task until it doesn't have 
anything more important to do, like forwarding packets! If so, the 
counters are going to report empty queues most of the time.

Jon Kåre Hellan

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