[e2e] Estimating MS windows RTO equation

Spencer Dawkins spencer at mcsr-labs.org
Thu Feb 2 05:56:27 PST 2006


> Now the problem with creating a general partial state-machine is that 
> there
> is a lot of variation in the way TCP is implemented in the different OSes
> (windows for e.g. enters fast retransmit after 2 dupack instead of 3 as
> suggested in the RFC). There are many other differences across the 
> different
> OSes especially in the way the RTO is estimated.

I really liked the fact that we had TCPIMPL, and wish we still did. I 
happened to see a "what's exponential backoff?" packet trace from a GPRS 
handset about a year ago, but there's no place to catalog this stuff any 



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