[e2e] FW: Performance evaluation of high speed TCPs

rhee@ncsu.edu rhee at ncsu.edu
Thu Feb 2 18:29:07 PST 2006

The new bug patch was announced last week.
Unfortunately we are not THAT real time in updating the report :-)

Seriously, we can't run the tests for every fix and bug report. But
we are aware of your new patch posted last week on the e2e list and indeed
applied it to our testing platform for retesting.Now one test case is done
(thanks to Sangtae who spent a few sleepless nights to set up and re-run
the tests). These tests take time to  rerun and they are still going on
and when they are done, we will update the document.

At this point, i can confirm at least that HTCP performance looks a LOT
improved, but we still found a few new issues even with the updated
HTCP -- in the same performance areas that we pointed out in the
document, such as utilization and stability.  We are
looking to find out whether these issues are caused by side-effects of our
setup or by the HTCP algorithm itself.
As soon as we get some more confirmation on our findings we will update
the report. Please bear with us on this and stay tuned.

I hope our report and testing help the community in studying and improving
TCP performance.


Injong Rhee, Department of Computer Science
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695
Home page: http://www.csc.ncsu.edu/faculty/rhee
Email: rhee at csc.ncsu.edu, Phone: 919-515-3305, Fax: 919-515-7925

>  Injong,
> Re your recent report, could you just confirm that the htcp results should
> be disregarded (I think updated results are on the web now though) as they
> reflect a bug in the linux htcp implementation rather than correct
> performance ?  Thanks.
> Doug

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