[e2e] network coding and spam and anonymous email...

Amr A. Awadallah aaa at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 6 13:06:44 PDT 2006

note sure if you are aware of this site, but it lets you encrypt real 
messages to look like spam:


-- amr

>so looking at my spamassassing classified mail (quite a large folder
>as you can imagine) it is becoming increasing plausible that 
>one could _code_ legitiamte messages simply as a set of references
>to spam - the nice thing about this is that there is so much spam that
>it acts as fairly uniform random cover traffic (crowds) and the number
>of spam sources compared to legit current email sources is large and
>its routing is obfuscated, so you'd get pseudanomity really nicely
>the details are quite complex, but I am sure that you can work them
>out. a really neat thing is that we are seeing increasing numbers of
>apparently meaningful spam and spam with attachments (smap and eggs,
>spam and chips), so one could even probably send quite complex
>messages with attachments via the spam-channel...
>I have the undoubtworthy honour of having been chosen to chair the OO session of
>the ACM SIGCOMM Symposium to be held in fabulous Pisa, Italy, this september
>I've noticed that it has been increasingly dificult for North American researchers to travel
>(indeed, they don't even have to go south of the border to hear many people speak Spanish), and 
>even the programme committtee found it easier to meet in the quiet of Seattle rather than hold the 
>PC session during one of the fascinating 11 parallel sessions on 
>photonic wireless switched router XML-based management at 
>IEEE Infocom in Barcelona, Spain, where the spanish is spoken by less people anyhow
>and you can't get such a good marguerita.
>So I am looking for two things
>1/ people that are going to be in Pisa for the conference, and ae interested in offering OO
>talks, please contact me - my e-mail address  is used by many people I havnt met before, offering
>interesting items and services, so don't be shy.
>2/ As a modest example of an OO talk topic, I have prepared one on the topic dear to my heart 
>we would like to support our impoverished american cousins in their research by giving them an outlet 
>easier to attend in these days of restricted travel budget, hence I would like to seek interest in a SIGCXOMM North American Workshop
>This would follow hot on the heals of the Latin American workshop, but  would not require anyone getting a visa, or even passport, 
>or learning Latin of course. Perhaps this could be useful for FIND projects...
>thank you for your interest, and, of course,  in the words of that fine Californian Governator, "Pasta la vista, baby".

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