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> In missive <e715d03bb4a90c2eee0bd1707a6e4adf at cs.utexas.edu>, Chris Edmondson-Yu
> rkanan typed:
> >>I know how much you like history, so here's some fun:
> >>That was Donald Davies concept (who independently invented packet 
> >>switching in the UK in 1965); he used the term isarithmic, the Greek 
> >>term for "equal").
> it was part of the french 1st packet switched net hop-bu-hop traffic
> management (flow, congestion and crowd control) technology.... its way
> cool and the idea has been re-invented lotsa times including in other
> areas like road-trains
> also bittorrent incentive matching technology is basically the same
> concept
>   jon

There is a set of signal lamps every 2km to control railway train go/stop here.

In telecom, SS7 networks are packet switched networks,
The SS7 messages/packets are actually controlled link-by-link  in operations.
The mechanism to prevent congestion is to keep the traffic less than 0.7 Erlang for each link.

Telephone networks works well in general.


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