[e2e] A simple question about handling the dump files

Zhani Mohamed Faten zhani_med_faten at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 2 18:24:51 PST 2006

  Here the tool I use to treat files, 
  it's under linux but it's the best ;) you can use the tool tracerstats to have the bandwidth for the granularity you specify,
  if you need treated file (such as bandwidth for actual time), I had a lot of them;especially for real data.
  for ns, you can use awk script to treat the resulting file of the simulation which calculate the throughtput of data entering into a node,
  I'm working on traffic prediction too. 
  don't hesitate to contact me for any question,
  I tried to send my first article directly in you mail but your email server reject,
  you can give another mail if you have. (I don't know if it's allowed to join files in the mailing list)
  Zhani Mohamed Faten

shaohe <3dfx232 at sohu.com> a écrit :
    Thanks for Zhani Mohamed Faten's reply. actually, what i intend to do is quite simple: i wish to examine the prediction in very short time scales, e.g. multi-seconds, of network traffic.     Several recent work have examined the predictability of network traffic. I consider the prediction problem base on measurement, which may be inaccurate but need less overhead. Further, the measurement results are the past but the prediction value is the future. In a word, what i concern is that whether i can obtain the relatively accurate prediction of future based on coarse measurements of past.  So i need the actual time average bandwidth to justify our prediction algorithm. Unfortunately, to handle the dump file become a practice problem.  In addition, the format of dump file is still unknown for me. The NS trace file is in text format and one line in the file corresponds to a record, which are very convenient.  Are there some mater! ial about the convertion from dump file to text file ? 
 Thanks !   Shaohe Lv  

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