[e2e] Can we revive T/TCP ?

Michael Welzl michael.welzl at uibk.ac.at
Mon Mar 27 10:10:46 PST 2006

> >> If you still want congestion control, RPC over DCCP ;-))
> >
> > But any RPC code assumes reliable data delivery underneath?!
> See RFC1831, sec 4:
>    ...On the other hand, if it is running
>    on top of an unreliable transport such as UDP [7], it must implement
>    its own time-out, retransmission, and duplicate detection policies as
>    the RPC protocol does not provide these services.
> The most recent version of NFS- v4 - specs the use of RPC over both TPC
> and UDP, and has its own locking and reordering mechanism (redundant if
> there's just one TCP connection) - to allow it to run over multiple TPC
> connections in parallel (to allow request pipelining while avoiding HOL
> blocking).

This sounds like it's duplicating SCTP functionality...

But I have a more serious problem with this: it surely is overkill for a
game! Is that only implemented in NFS Most Wanted, or also in the
NFS Underground series? Never heard of a "v4", though   ;-)

Hm, if you think about it - aren't game designers better at picking
version numbers than we are?

Tahoe, Reno, NewReno, SACK and Vegas
Hot Pursuit, Road Challenge, Underground, Most Wanted

The goal is the same: every version is supposed to be faster
than the previous one. I propose "TCP ED" (Eat Dust) for
the next version!


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