[e2e] IP options over e2e path

Mikael.Latvala@nokia.com Mikael.Latvala at nokia.com
Wed Mar 29 06:05:33 PST 2006


The IP option provides a convinient way to add additional information to
the IP header. But what is the fate of an IP packet, which carries a
relatively new IP option inserted by a source host and which is not
recognized by most of the routers and/or middleboxes that the packet
traverses through?

RFC1812 says that "A router MUST ignore IP options which it does not

However, some people I have talked to claim that such packets with a
relatively unknown IP option have no chance of reaching the final

Is this really the case? Do new/unrecognized IP options prevent an IP
packet from reaching its final destination? Any research papers which
would back up or contradict this claim? Or perhaps this is yet another
undocumented NAT feature?


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