[e2e] IP options over e2e path

Lars Eggert lars.eggert at netlab.nec.de
Wed Mar 29 06:40:59 PST 2006

On Mar 29, 2006, at 16:05, <Mikael.Latvala at nokia.com>  
<Mikael.Latvala at nokia.com> wrote:
> But what is the fate of an IP packet, which carries a
> relatively new IP option inserted by a source host and which is not
> recognized by most of the routers and/or middleboxes that the packet
> traverses through?

They get dropped in roughly 70% of the cases.

Alberto Medina, Mark Allman, Sally Floyd. Measuring the Evolution of  
Transport Protocols in the Internet. ACM Computer Communication  
Review, 35(2), April 2005. http://www.icir.org/mallman/papers/tcp-evo- 

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